N3WS | Update On Launch + Microcap Gem + Future Steps

Thanks all for your support for our initial launch, presale is now officially over 🎉 Site is live and we are here to keep on building with all of you.

Successful Launch

Thanks to everyone who has participated on the presale, we have managed to raise 242.96 ETH. Liquidity was added just as soon as the presale ended, which can be seen at:


60,739.88 N3WS and 121.47 ETH have been added liquidity

Consequently, the liquidity tokens univ2 then have been added to our Liquidity Loop, which is currently having a very juicy distribution of tokens with a high APY, as the whole +60,000 N3WS and +120 ETH will be distributed to future liquidity providers. Check out the section how to use Liquidity Loop.

Tokenomics Adjustments

As our hardcap did not get achieved during our presale, we have adjusted consequently the whole tokenomics. As we have only raised a portion of the hard cap, we have burned more than 75% of the whole supply, exactly 757106 N3WS.

Currently, the total amount of remaining N3WS is 242,894 N3WS.

Verify token burn in the following link:


As a result of the burn, tokenomics are as following:

N3WS Updated Tokenomics

Liquidity Loop Stats

One of the most interesting parts of N3WS currently is the use of the Liquidity Loop. Currently, within the liquidity loop there are more than 120 ETH & 60,000 N3WS ready to be distributed for Liquidity Providers.

The amount of rewards in the Liquidity Loop can be seen here:


Amount of rewards locked in the Liquidity Loop

The Liquidity Loop increases its liquidity based on the volume that is being traded on the Uniswap N3WS/ETH pair, the more volume traded on the pair, the higher the tax collected from the transactions (currently sitting at 10%) and the more liquidity there will be for liquidity providers.

How to use the Liquidity Loop

In order to use the Liquidity Loop, users must first provide liquidity on Uniswap and get N3WS/ETH univ2 tokens. You can provide liquidity in the following link:


Once you’ve got the N3WS/ETH UNIV2 tokens, simply go to the website and click on Loop and then on “Cycle your N3WS”:

Cycling your univ2 tokens

You will have to approve 2 transacctions, the first one to confirm the interaction with the contract and the following one to finally cycle your N3WS. You will know you are done, when your N3WS are cycling:

N3WS being cycled and giving out rewards

Congratulations! You are now cycling your N3WS and getting rewards out of your UNIV2 tokens. There is a 7-day lock for all the Liquidity Providers, meaning that you will not be able to get your UNIV2 tokens for 7 seven days.

You are having access to 25% of the Rewards immediately, and the other 75% of the rewards are locked for 16-months, in benefit of the long-term sustainability of the platform.

The percentage of short-term and long-term univ2 tokens is modifiable, as well as the total tax fee on the transfers, the lock up period of the univ2 tokens & the number of days that the N3WS need to mature in order to claim the rewards.

Long-Term Vision of N3WS

You are now part of a Social Media Conglomerate, this is the first project that will serve as the backbone to new and exiting projects that are yet to arrive. We will push the utilility of the N3WS token by offering a high APY to our Liquidity Providers, making the website more relevant and influencial, as well, letting the users govern the platform through the DAO.

In the long-term road, we want to build more exiciting projects. We are yet to come with more social media platforms that will be all interconnected.

N3WS token holders will be the first ones to enjoy early access to those projects, as well as having special advantages. This will create a further demand for the N3WS token in the future.

Thanks a lot for giving us your trust,

Stay tuned.


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